Tips and hints for aspiring artists

Here’s how to get started on your creative path. Each week I will be posting some tips and hints about how to get started. I would love to hear your thoughts ad feedback. How you are progressing and if there is something you are struggling with or would like to know a short cut, please message me and I will try to help in this section.

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Getting going?- Just a thought for now

I often hear people say I want to do something creative in my life. We seem to think this could be painting or drawing. But in fact when you got up this morning your creative powers were at work. What to wear? Yes, I suppose it should be practical. But most of all does this tops colour go with these trousers? Is this fluffy jumper too much with this hat? I could go on but I think you get the idea. Whenever you choose a colour, a texture and a paint colour for your walls you are being creative. Whether at this stage you can call yourself an artist – well that’s another entry. In the meantime be mindful about the colours around you. Its a great start!