Lectures usually last about an hour but can be tailored to your needs. I lecture to a variety of societies including U3A, WI, Rotary club and many more.

If you would like further details please email me at janebuttery.art@gmail.com

“The left handed artist”

Statistically left handed people are the most creative. Or are they? This talk focused on the trials and tribulations on being a left handed creative artist, historically from Leonardo da Vinci to Picasso.

Powerpoint. Screen and projector required.

“Has the moment passed” Henri Cartier Bresson

More and more of us are using our phones as visual record keeping and for social media. Is it possible that we can still learn some exciting tricks from the old master? Find out in this thought provoking lecture.

Powerpoint. Projector and screen required.

“The Dog” Man’s best friend

Factual but humorous talk about how we depict dogs in the creative arts. From paintings to dog beds, this talk is light hearted and perfect for pure entertainment.

Powerpoint. Screen and projector required.