Next Exhibition

South East Open Studio.

2nd – 18th June 2023

At Eggardon

Please contact me for further details.

May is a very busy month in Jane and Wilf’s studio preparing to open my studio to the public.

This will be my second year opening my studio. I have to admit I was a nervous wreck last year and spent far too long worrying about the paintings, framing, directions etc. But this year I’m calmer. I continue to work in the studio producing a stream of paintings. Some make the final cut, others are put away to be bought out at a later date. I find I can see clearer after a break, the painting ‘tells’ me what to do. No, not literally but the previous marks have become settled and I can make headway. Hopefully it will bring me and others joy and reflect what I want to say. Confused. Come and chat in the studio and I will explain everything!

If you would like to come to the opening night preview on the 2nd June please contact me via email I look forward to seeing you there!