Artist Support Pledge

The artist support pledge is an initiative, set up by Matthew Burrows MBE in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the last few years that it has been running, the initiative has grown to a global scale, to support artists and creators alike, and is committed to developing a equitable and sustainable economy for artist and makers of all countries, media and ethnicities.

The project uses social media platform Instagram, which is a popular platform for artists to post images and share their work. Artists and makers can post their images using #artistsupportpledge giving details of their works and price (no more than £220 or equivalent). If people are interested in buying, they message (DM) the artist. Anyone can buy the work and artists don’t need permission to join. 

Every time an artist reaches £1,100 of sales, they pledge to buy £220 of work from other artist(s).

ASP works by example, showing how a generous culture behaves and exploring the values that maintain its ethos. At the core of this is a commitment to equality of opportunity FOR ALL and an accessible platform to participate.

ASP believes that an equitable and sustainable future economically and environmentally must begin by examining the cultural values we live by; that artists are central to this debate; and that ALL artists are important in maintaining the permaculture that is our global artistic ecosystem. If one part suffers we all do.

To purchase any of the art from the Artists Support Pledge, please visit the store.

So, please support the #artistssupportpledge now!