WINTER VISIT to Point Pelee


On a beautiful crisp Sunday afternoon, we were able to drive to a favourite national park, just 26 km away from our home.It is Point Pelee National Park which offers pleasure to so many families all year round. It made me realize how fortunate we are to live close to the Great  Lakes and near natural beauty like Pelee’s sandy tip where migrating birds come in May and in the autumn. My featured picture shows our neighbour’s children looking over the vast marsh lands and pond from the lookout tower. We met there quite by chance.


Young children love the sounds our feet make on the boardwalk. In early spring they enjoy hunting for new life, tadpoles, turtles and muskrats. Here is a picture of a child running around the boardwalk which sounds like clanging boards.  In the Fall, people take canoes out on the pond to spend a quiet hour perusing the sights of the marsh and sharing the experience with family or friends. Last year, it was so cold that children enjoyed skating on this same pond but our temperatures this winter are not so cold.

We headed off  to look at the woodland trail and see if we could spot any tracks. It’s a good time to visit when there are no bugs to bother us. In the woods, nearer the tip is an old cabin once owned by the de Laurier  family. Passing by it or going in during summer hours, shows us how remote life must have been here for a family but also so close to nature. Again Mayia is peering in the door before we joined her one summer.

Going closer to the tip one passes empty beaches where ice and snow how piled up, revealing the weather changes recently and then we go on down to Pelee’s 42nd parallel sign. the park is as far south as Rome and California so it’s a great place for a photograph as a momento, especially because it is painted red and white , the colours of our maple leaf flag.  As we turned round. we saw a family in their bright warm winter jackets head down on the trail right to the point. What a wonderful way to have some healthy exercise on a bright winter day!

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