The Value of Letters and emails

Before throwing away Christmas cards, I re-read notes and especially enclosed Christmas letters and it got me thinking. Each year those of us who write more at Christmas include quite a bit about our family life and special events. They would be valuable to keep and use when writing our own life stories. One gentleman even writes a new poem each year; it says so much about his faith, his assessment of happenings during the year and his attitude to them.

As we get older we forget details. I know that the letters I write reveal certain highlights in detail- for example a family wedding or a child’s birth and how we responded. This year my cousin wrote in detail about a new home in Provence and why they’d moved there. Letters like that are invaluable so don’t lose them. Keep them in your computer file or just file a copy of interesting letters in printed form if you prefer.  You will be glad you did when you come to write.

These days the same can be said of emails. Some may be so detailed that you can tell how you felt when you wrote them. Don’t delete, keep and place them in that special “Memoir” file.

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