Ten Reasons to be Thankful, This Year.

Recently a past pupil of mine said that he and friends were being challenged to say if they had ten things they were thankful for in 2013.It made me think of how fortunate I am to have a safe,warm home and a loving family when so many from Syria are refugees and suffering in make-shift tents in cold weather. I question why these poor people have to go on suffering. I believe it is partly because of the greed for power and domination over others by rulers.We are fortunate to live in a peaceful world.

Secondly, I am most thankful for a kind loving husband who has had to do so much for me when I broke an arm in September.He has been cook,cleaner and chauffeur for almost four months. At last I am improving and able to do more for myself and in our home. How fortunate I am to be living with such a kind man.

I thank God too for thoughtful friends who sent food and cards and who are genuinely concerned form me.My cousins in UK telephoned more this year and so did old friends when they knew I had hurt myself. I am so grateful for their compassion.

I have had to rely on medical care and physiotherapy to get better. Again I have found gentle understanding professionals who show real interest in their patients. Even waiting in the hospital brought a reunion with not one, but two teachers I had not seen in a good while. We caught up on news and sympathised with each other.

As I get older, I want to find out what past pupils have done with their lives and so I deliberately looked for them. It is a joy when one discovers their varied careers and much more when they respond to requests to link up.

As always, classical music is a major part of our lives and we have continued to enjoy the wonderful concerts put on by the Windsor Symphony Orchestra. Recently we have heard smaller ensembles play Hayden in a more intimate concert as well as listening to the glorious Messiah by Handel. I am thankful that I have enough hearing to enjoy  wonderful musicians and singers.

On a daily basis I am pleased to be able to hear news broadcasts when I wish and interest ideas on CBC programs. We are free to enjoy a variety of good dramas and documentaries on TVO and PBS too.

I love to read but my eyes became clouded and poor for about 6 weeks which limited reading at first and then I stopped so audio books have helped  lately. My eyes have now been cleared and I can read again. It has made me value my eyesight, not only to read, but also to see faces of people I love and know, and marvel at the wonderful skies as the sun sets. To have sight, hearing and the senses of touch,  taste and smell as one ages, is an asset. Through them God has let our lives be enriched. That makes about eight reasons for being thankful,

Coming out of that I know I value my own education and the chance to go on learning even after 75 years. It keeps  me young!

Having freedom of movement to travel, to volunteer and to worship with others  is so important. Nelson Mandela was honoured this year before he died and his road to freedom from prejudice, after so many years in jail,  makes me realize how blessed we are to live in Canada. As a Christian, I can witness for Jesus without fear; I can pray for others when I visit the hospital, I can choose what books I read and write what I think.

When I considered my life there are more than ten reasons for being grateful this Christmas,

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