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It's A Grandma Day (2016) celebrates the fun, a small boy and Grandma have together. He loves helping in her garden, playing games and reading together. Grandma cooks him a special cake. Their love for each other shines through till her hugs at bedtime make the day “just right.” Children will enjoy the delightful illustrations- look for the mice!

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Interest Preschool-K
Reading Level Preschool

If I Could Go to Point Pelee (2016) suggests activities children and adults can enjoy each month by going to this National Park at Canada's most southerly point. It is famous for the bird migration and the monarch butterflies but it offers much more all year round.

Interest Gr.4-5
Reading Level grade 5

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If I could go to the Harrow Fair (1995 & 2005) is about a boy's happy visit to a local fair with his dad. He imagines all the things he'll do and see there. It is a predictable pattern book in rhyme to help early readers.

Interest JK-Gr.3
Reading Level Gr.3

True Friends: A Jack Miner Goose Tale (2015) is a story from 1911 shortly after Jack set up his sanctuary. One goose was wounded and Jack was impressed by the loyalty of the other. He named them and their fame attracted visitors.

Interests Gr. 1-4
Reading Level Gr 4.5

Only 4 copies left!

Let's Go to Colasanti's (1998) is how children first visit the big tropical greenhouse. They enjoy rides and pet animals and, keep going as they grow up. Written in rhyme for early readers with plants listed.

Interest JK-Gr.3
Reading Level Gr.3

No, says ... I love you! (2002) is about a little boy's day at home with his Mom. Everything seems to go wrong and Mom keeps saying "No, find something else to do!"Sam is only safe when he's in bed.

Interest K-Gr.2
Reading Level grade 3

I know the Rules, DO YOU?  (2002) takes Sam to play fireman with two friends. One knows all the rules for fire safety and the girls quarrel. Later, there is a real fire and Sam is glad he knows what to do.

Interest Gr.1-3
Reading Level Gr.3

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Jane's Newest Book!

Red Dragon Rises:  There is danger in the air. Lord Vortigern fears the Saxons and needs help. But Where's the Dragon? It takes a boy, Merlin, to reveal the answer so that the "Red Dragon Rises." Read this old tale that happened 1500 years ago!

An exciting action chapter book

Interest: 6-9 years

Price:  $17.95

Mei Ling discovers Jack Miner (1997) tells how a Chinese immigrant comes to learn about the Canada geese and the famous conservation as she visits his bird sanctuary. There is also a mystery about Mei Ling.

Interest Gr.3-5
Reading Level gr. 5-6

An Unexpected Friendship: Amherstburg 1846 is about how two boys become good friends and fight prejudice in a pioneer town. Being black, Josh is bullied by a gang but Seamus supports him. Josh teaches Seamus to read and we learn about how black people helped in 1838 Rebellion and got land. The story is based on real facts.

Interest Gr.5- 8
Reading Level Grade 7

Two at the Crossroads: Tecumapese and Catharine Malott Girty Living from 1760's- 1815, times were hard on women and families. Catharine was a captive of Shawnee for 4 years and Tecumseh's sister had a hard life, moving from invasive new settlers. But they remained in touch. A novel adults enjoy. The result of 2 years research.

Interest Adult
Reading Level Adult