Sponsoring a Student in Uganda is Worthwhile

“It was magical as Jane met with Babirye for the very first time in 7 years. When Babirye was 7 years old, she was given a sponsor to take care of her education and medical requirements, but she never knew what her sponsor looked like and never thought she would ever meet her in life. At that time, her mother had lost all hope as she still had five other for children to take care of. Jane was that sponsor. She did not know how this girl would do in school but she was glad to help.”  Hope Nankunda’s words after we met Babirye on October 24, 2017.

When I saw that she walks about 3km to school each day, I was determined to continue to help her. She wants to be a doctor in future. Many girls in Uganda need such support. An educated girl is an empowered girl. When you educate a female, her whole family and her nation benefits.

We also had the opportunity to meet Babirye’s mother, her relatives and friends who turned up to welcome me from Canada just because I sponsor Babirye’s education. It was a joyous day! Receiving the broom from with Babirye’s mother- Nalongo who is 3rd on the left of me in the group

The mother had made me a gift of a broom with my name on it. This was so touching as it was her expression of gratitude, when she has so little. She makes a little extra selling her bananas. House is very small and she had only a few plastic chairs for us.

Babirye gave me a lovely evening purse. She sewed on each bead herself. I will cherish it. I will certainly keep in touch. She is keen to do well in school and I feel she will be a great help in her family.

My friend, Hope, has a passion for working with girls. She wants to help more girls who have to pay for their secondary education through a Foundation she has set up called Raising Teens Uganda. Hope has been working to get more financial help to buy Afri-pads, to fund new necessary water tanks for schools and, above all show teens that other people care about their future dreams. Hope counsels girls in groups and one to one for nothing. She works hard has to empower girls and stop early marriages.

If you would like to help this important project, please go to her blogs on WordPress and learn more https://hopemwijuka.wordpress.com/2017/06/26/education-is-the-greatest-investment
You can also contact me through this site. Thanks.

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