Jane Buttery- A writer who enjoys meeting people

There are many rewards in offering to write people’s life stories. I have discovered so much about how a person goes through all the events in his life and survives the many changes, strengthened by the struggles. I’ve learned history on a broad scale if the person was widely travelled or in the army and I’ve discovered interesting people in my own back yard as it were. Some were musicians, two soldiers and two others nurses- just to mention a few.

Writing for children has also given me great pleasure as I came to celebrate events where I live in Essex County, Ontario. I discovered through research that it is rich in history; it has an annual Harrow Fair that has lasted for 156 years now, a business that was set up in 1941 at Colasanti’s and a bird sanctuary over a hundred years old at Jack Miner’s in Kingsville. In addition the town of Amherstburg was one of the last stops on the Underground Railway so well worth exploring in a novel, An Unlikely Friendship 1846. As you can see I seek to educate as well as entertain children.

Take a look at my website please and sign the guest book. I’d love to have your comments and insights. Anyone signing the guest book and contacting me has a chance at a free book under $8.00 (given away once a quarter year). It is at http://www.truestorybooks.com

I am a retired teacher with a strong faith so I am now a lay reader and pastoral care visitor for my church. I’ve also volunteered at the Hospice of Windsor and Essex County for 20 years.I  love music and I’ve written 46 Songs of Joy and used music in two of my books. I facilitate workshops for schools and groups – write to me for details of fees through my website. I look forward to being of service to you.

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