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As experienced by Jane Buttery, an author

A Time of Hope

A Time of Hope ON JANUARY 8, 2017 BY JANEBUTTERY It is early in a new year, I am hopeful and recently sent off many wishes starting ‘I hope’. During Advent, the beginning of the Church year, on the first Sunday, we lit the candle for hope. We remembered that Jesus is our hope and, Read More …

10 Reasons I am Thankful in 2016

Recently a past pupil of mine said that he and friends were challenged to discover  ten things they were thankful for in 2016.It made me think of how fortunate we are to have the freedom to live where we chose, to go where we can and to worship God in our own way.  Below are Read More …

Reviving with change on holiday

For about 20 days, I have been travelling from Canada to England, onto Wales and France and now back to the Midlands on UK. Although it has been a busy time, it has been so delightful that I am freshed by the change. I even feel more revived in spirit to get back to writing. Read More …

Most of my joy has come from seeing people I love and spending time with them in places, they know well and share with me. I have seen some wonderful places of interest in England and Wales; in particular, Witley Manor in Worcestershire that burned down in the 1920’s but it’s basic shell and lovely baroque church remain. My friend and I had a picnic there and visited the gardens as well as seeing a bride arrive for her wedding!