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jane as on facebookBorn to Welsh parents in 1936, Jane Buttery grew up in  S. Wales, Kent and Southampton England where she earned an honours history degree in 1959. After living in Malaysia where she taught for 4.5 years, she came to Canada with her husband in 1965. Since then, she has taught and lived in Essex County except for a year in Canberra Australia in 1978-79 when she returned to teaching High School.

After retiring in 1993, Jane’s keen interest in this community has led her to write  picture  books and novels for children about the area. She believes young children can relate to places they know well such as Colasanti’s,  the Harrow  Fair, Jack Miner’s Bird Sanctuary and historic Amherstburg.

Two at CrossroadsIn 2014, she  finished another historical novel called Two at the Crossroad– Catharine Malott Girty and Tecumapese (Tecumseh’s sister), She discovered that the two women could have met when Catharine was captured in 780 and traded to the Shawnee where she was adopted and lived for 4 years. She was rescued in 1784 by Simon Girty who lived in Amherstburg and they married in August. They had 4 children and one died in 1812 after Detroit was retaken. Catharine lived until 1852 and died at the age of 88. Tecumapese had a harder life and died about 1815 in Moravian.

Recently Jane finished another picture book called Friendship 1846 best009True Friends: A Jack Miner Goose Tale illustrated by her friend Marilyn Mclean. It celebrates Jack as a conservationist.

Jane has also written several life stories for people in the county. She has been a volunteer with the Hospice of Windsor and Essex County for over 25 years and is active in pastoral care for her local  Anglican Parish. In this capacity , she leads a Bible chat at Harrowood, a seniors residence and visits local hospitals.

Jane is an ardent  supporter of Windsor’s Symphony Orchestra and loves classical music. Her other interests are reading mysteries and non -fiction, the theatre and travelling – mainly to UK and Europe to visit family and friends.

She is married to a research scientist Brian and has brought up four children with him. In 2016, Jane finished a picture book about Point Pelee National Park which will be celebrating 100 years as a national park in 2018.In 2017 she has produced a story about whythe red dragon is on the Welsh flag; it will be out by December. Her love of research and joy in her community keeps her writing about the historical area in which she lives..

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  1. I was surfing on thumbvu.com/ref=stevesam and saw your blog. I have my story written from when I was in Viet Nam. I have an Uncle,Amil Smykal who served in Korea, and I shall send him a copy of my story.
    I’ll call about recording his life on a recorder, like you suggested.

    steve samoheyl

  2. I knew Jane when I came to Windsor as an exchange teacher in 1981. She and her husband and daughters were so neighbourly and fun and I would like to be in touch with her again from Cowra NSW Australia!

  3. Enjoy listening to your blog Jane! Keep up the wonderful work with all the books. I know how much everyone enjoys them. I’m a friend of Jane’s from the Sherk Center in Leamington. She always visits with me and my worker when he is taking me swimming. Look forward to hear about your book on Point Pelee!.

  4. Thanks for all your comments. Julie my book on Pelee will be out by the end of April in time for birding at the Park. I can email you the text if you tell me an email address.

  5. Your new website is quite good. I read many of your books, even the ones for children, and have enjoyed them. “Two at the Crossroads” was especially good. I am sure children are enjoying all of them.

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