7 Ways to Keep a Balance in One’s Life

Recently, I have felt overwhelmed by all of the events I had to go to, the writing needing to be edited and the cooking I should do for Christmas let alone letters to send and a house to clean. I had to stop after my last book “Two at the Crossroads” was finished and discover my priorities. Here are some in no particular order

What did I need ?
• prayer time and church attendance are essential to me.
• we have to eat and prefer home cooking. Occasionally eat out.
• I love to write and always have ideas going
• Keeping in communication with my extended family is important
• Being involved in my church as a pastoral visitor needs time
• Music is soothing. We want to go to symphony concerts
• Spending quality time with our grand- daughter is important,.
• swimming to keep healthy or walking indoors now.

How do I cope?

1. Cleaning the house could be done with some help. We got a nice friendly person to come. I have energy for cooking interesting dishes. I love to have family meals when all come home.

2. I decided to cut back on the times I say `Yes` to people and I stopped being so available.I do less hours for Hospice.

3. We don’t go out when we can stay in and that is more peaceful. There’s  more time to read.

4. I cut back on my involvement in every church activity by scheduling two obligations on the same morning. After prayers, instead of staying each week for outreach crafts, I go visiting and do a Bible study in a nearby nursing home. Then I have a free morning later in the week to write.

5. Helping to pick up our grand daughter from high school, gives us time to listen to her. I take her out for a meal or bring her home with us for a night (Fridays). I spend time with her on the way to an orthodontist’s appointment and at a meal, She also likes shopping too.

6.Every  Monday, I go to a contemplative prayer meeting followed by a Christian video or Bible study. I find this most restful and it keeps me realising how much I need God`s help for the week

7. My husband and I have ways of relaxing together; we book a series of concerts or sometimes see a play. We have been doing this for over 50 years now. Recently, we go to the gym together; he walks and uses weights while I swim, then we go out for a quick lunch.These times together are important; as much as I love to write, I love my husband and value his company.

I have discovered that when there are peaceful times in my life, the writing goes better. And that gives me joy and a sense of fulfilment. I am learning to slow down!

How about your life? Have you found the need for more quiet times or more time to follow your interests? I’d love to know.

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