5 Reasons Why Writing is Therapeutic

1. There are times when we feel we can’t talk to anyone, but we need to think matters through. That’s when I’m glad I can write my concerns in a journal. You will also feel better for doing this. Isaac Asimov wrote something neat. He said, ‘Writing to me is just thinking through my fingers.’

2. Writing helps me be more positive and grateful for life. When I feel depressed, I write something positive that has happened in my life. It may be some recent experience or one from years before. Whatever it is, it boosts my own self-confidence. Just getting our cheerful ideas out there will help us. Think of positive things in your life for which you are grateful. Gratitude turns what we already have into enough.

3. Writing can do wonders to lift your spirits. Anything that gets you writing can be valuable. You can be your own therapist and start another day on a brighter note. Take your thoughts now and get them on paper. You’ll be glad you did. You may have wonderful plans for a day out. Write about that while you think of it and help it come true!

4. Just writing stops ‘writer’s block’. When I know I have a story to tell, I worry and need the courage to get started. In that case, I know I must sit and write, not worrying about details like grammar- just getting it down. Then I can read it for myself and begin to see the possibilities. Writing relieves my mind and I’m on my way to writing the beginning of a longer story.

5. I think writing reveals to me what I know and what I believe about life. If I take the time to write a journal, I discover what is important to me. I find that certain ideas and spiritual values come uppermost in my mind. Recently, I wrote about why the Welsh flag has a red dragon on it. It’s a children’s story that comes out of my love of my Welsh heritage. A few years ago, I was writing a historical novel about the Underground Railway and found that I wanted to emphasize friendship between two cultures in 1846. I believe in people understanding each other and becoming friends with everyone.

So these are just a few reasons why writing has been therapy for me, helped me produce stories and longer novels and made me realize that life is worth living.

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